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Benefits for asylum seekers

Foreigners are entitled to receive benefits in accordance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) is they are actually resident in Germany and

  1. possess an Aufenthaltsgestattung (temporary permission to remain) in accordance with the asylum law,
  2. have arrived in Germany via an airport and are not (or not yet) allowed to enter the country,
  3. possess a resident permit
    1. on the basis of war in their country of origin in accordance with § 23 Section 1 or § 24 of the Residence Act,
    2. in accordance with § 25 Section 4 Clause 1 of the Residence Act, or
    3. in accordance with § 25 Section 5 of the Residence Act, provided that the decision to suspend their deportation does not date back more than 18 months,
  4. a Duldung (temporary refuge)
  5. are obligated to leave Germany, even if a threat of deportation is not yet (or no longer) enforceable.
  6. are spouses, life partners or minor children of persons specified in Items 1 to 5 (see above), without fulfilling the requirements specified in those Items themselves, or
  7. have submitted a follow-up application in accordance with § 71 of the asylum law or a confirmatory application in accordance with § 71a of the asylum law.

Applications for asylum seekers' benefits can be made on the office consultation days relating to Asylum Seekers' Benefit each Monday and Tuesday in the period from 8 am to 12 noon and each Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm, or by appointment.

Payment of the benefit ensues on the first Wednesday each month in Room E.022 on the ground floor.

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